Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions relate to the Forest School, outdoor activities and services provided by Branch Out Education CIC. In booking this service it is deemed that you have read and accepted the following terms.

Updated 25th March 2021 (COVID amendments)

Provision of Our Services

Our Sessions are delivered by qualified Level Three Forest School Leaders who are certified with outdoor paediatric first aid. All sessions are pre- planned and risk assessed to comply with health and safety regulations and established working practices. All of our staff hold current Enhanced Disclosure Certification which are updated on a regular basis. The duration, content session and any other aspects of services provided are at the sole discretion of the Forest School leader and Branch Out Education CIC; in the interest of safety matters their decision is final.

Reservations and Bookings

Bookings for any of our sessions can be made by telephone, email, online or by post. The name of the person making the booking and names and ages of the participants must be provided. For family bookings all sessions must be paid for in full at the point of booking. Schools and groups will be invoiced prior to the session. Invoices must be paid within 7 days.

Payment for sessions

Payment in advance by BACS transfer, online ticket provider or cheque is required in advance of attending sessions.

Cancellation by Branch Out Education CIC

Should matters outside of our control become apparent, for example extreme weather conditions etc., we reserve the right to vary, alter, adjust or ultimately cancel the reserved session. All possible steps will be made to inform the participants of any alternatives or variations to the session and where possible will endeavour to reschedule at a time/date convenient to all participants. Should it not be possible to re book a session due to diary capacity, then a refund in full will be made. Should a re booking of the cancelled session not be possible due to a date not being available from our customers side, then a partial refund of 80% of the amounts paid will be reimbursed.

Cancellations for group bookings

  • Over 1 months cancellation notice of the session or programme start date - no charge
  • 2-4 weeks’ notice - 50% of booking amount payable
  • Less than 2 weeks’ notice - 100% of booking amount payable 

Medical, Activities and Photography consent Forms

These must be completed, signed and returned at least 24 hours before the commencement of the Forest School session(s) for which you have booked. We also require any changes to information submitted on our medical/consent forms to be shared with us, for the comfort and safety of all participants.

Requirements for Participation

All participants must be equipped with suitable clothing at all times. Please ensure that your group is dressed appropriately for the weather, including all adults present.

In winter this may mean warm, waterproof clothing and footwear. If wellies are worn then we suggest a second pair of socks is worn to keep children’s feet warm.

In the summer this may mean sun cream and hats. As most activities will involve being on uneven ground and in and around long grass where there may be nettles and brambles we recommend that children’s legs are covered and that sandals are not worn.

Hand washing facilities will be provided at Forest School, however, we advise that all participants wash their hands thoroughly when they return to school, after taking part in any of our activities. This is particularly important prior to eating or drinking.

Inhalers/Epipens/insulin dependents

If a participant requires any of the above then the medication must be brought to the session for use in case of an emergency by the parent of the child or a First Aider or Medical Emergency personnel.

If a child arrives for a session without his/her emergency medication then the Forest School Leader reserves the right to refuse entry to the session (for the protection of both child and Forest School Leader/staff/volunteers).

Accidents/ Incidents

In the event of any accident/incident the overall responsibility and decision making process will be solely with the Forest School Leader running the session. Our staff are all qualified paediatric outdoors first aiders and will handle any situation that may arise as they have been trained to do.

Should an incident/accident occur that is outside of their capabilities we reserve the right to act without further authority, in the best interests of the person(s) affected. This also includes the administration and application of First Aid, removal by ambulance to Hospital or any other matters that may arise.

Photos/Recordings/Publications Rights and Obligations

A participant authority sheet must be completed and signed prior to the session commencing to permit/not permit photos to be taken of the participant. Any photographic images and/or recordings of our sessions taken by Branch Out Education CIC Staff remain the property of Branch Out Education CIC. We reserve the right to use any such images and/or recordings in their promotion/advertising campaigns in the future. Any person who does not wish for their images to be used in this manner can request their removal by writing to Branch Out Education CIC (on the address below) directly

Insurance and Liability

All activities conducted under the name of Branch Out Education CIC are protected and insured under specialist insurance policy. We are covered for both public and employer’s liability. Our insurance does not cover the personal belongings of any individual taking part in any session, therefore it must be fully understood that we are not responsible for the loss, damage or destruction of any personal goods however so caused. All activities undertaken with Branch Out Education CIC are done so completely at the individuals own risk.

Complaints Process

Any complaints regarding our staff or sessions should be directed initially to the company directors, Hayley Tancred or Helen Evans and they will be managed accordingly. The decision of the company directors will be deemed to be final and any course of action decided will be instructed immediately.


If you have any questions or concerns relating to safeguarding in relation to a child or vulnerable adult then please contact us. We provide confidentiality in relation to information shared with us by service-users, except in circumstances where disclosure makes it a legal obligation to share information with appropriate professionals

Feedback and Concerns

We encourage all participants and carers/parents to give us feedback about their experience at any of our sessions. Feedback can be given verbally, in person, by telephone, or in writing by email.


If an individual is unable to attend a session due to needing to self isolate regrettably no refunds can be given for those sessions missed. If the whole half term block has to be cancelled due to a Covid-19 case in the bubble, we will try to reschedule the remaining number of sessions. at a later date.